Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Featured Director: Chris Cairns

LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk: Directed by Chris Cairns

Today's featured director is Chris Cairns, another talent signed to Partizan. A friend of mine was showing me the LCD Soundsystem video (shown above) a while back and I remembered it being really cool. I completely forgot the name of the song and the director's name so I've been trying to youtube this video for a while, but when I was perusing through Partizan's page today I found the video!

This London based director comes from a graphic design background and has a love for photography. Cairns' style is exactly that; photography and graphic design in motion. He has the ability to turn very simple concepts into creative visuals, and his images always take a cue from the music being used. You can view more of his direction at the Partizan site, make sure you go check it out (Commercials as well as Music Videos).

Viral for Pro X Fade: Directed by Chris Cairns

- Sonic

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