Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Game of the Week: Fable 2 - Why Our Very Own Sonic Hates Peter Molyneux (Part I)

photo from Analog Hype

Much as I might hate to admit it, I can be a real sucker for advertising. So, I find it a bit odd that it took me so long to jump on the Fable 2 bandwagon. But, I finally did, and though a ton has been said about it just about everywhere else, I thought I’d throw my 2 cents in.

First off, I never played the original Fable. I’d read all about it, with all the things creator Peter Molyneux was promising you’d be able to do in game. Ah, but I’d listened to Molyneux’s promises before, and I’d been burned …

Anyone ever play Black & White on their Dreamcast (notice the release date here)? Anyone else feel let down about BC getting cancelled?

So, I waited on Fable. A game I was stoked on (Black & White) never coming out for the DC, another game that looked all-too interesting (BC) that got cancelled, seemingly for being overly ambitious … And now all these crazy promises about choices between good & evil, and a living world that responded to every choice you made? Sorry, you don’t get my money day 1. I started checking out the reviews, and they were all very similar – the game was exceptional, but didn’t deliver on many of the promises Molyneux had made about it. And so, even though I heard it was very good, I let it slip by.

photo from Analog Hype

So, its years later and now Fable 2 is coming out. This time, it apparently delivers on all the previous promises, and more. It wins a slew of awards, even game of the year on G4’s “X-Play’s Best Of 2008” award show. This draws plenty of ire from the gaming public, and when the show’s hosts defend their choice it really makes me listen. Everyone I know who plays the game absolutely loves it. It has a HUGE marketing push behind it. But still I wait.

And then … Circuit City is going out of business! Everything must go! The entire overstock of games is being sold at 10% off! Two weeks later, its 20% off! Another week and its 30% off! That’s when I decided to make my move and grab Fable 2. It occurred to me that I could get the game at a price where, even if I later spent the money on the downloadable expansion for it, I’d be paying less than the msrp for the game. Score!!

(to be continued)

+ Fable II [Games Spot]

- Goodchild

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