Sunday, March 15, 2009

Featured Band: Now, Now Every Children

Now, Now Every Children at Afternoon Records

Minneapolis is so hot right now. Oh, and not temperature wise, but music scene wise of course and Now, Now Every Children is one of the bands making it hot. This duo (poss trio?) is Cacie Dalager on vocals and guitar and Brad Hale on drums (according to their myspace page there is also a keys player Britty). The standard formula to a band's success nowadays is post some demos on myspace, gain some fans and a buzz before even playing a show! Which apparently applies to Now, Now Every Children as well.

Musically they are simple and relatively mellow, but the parts are catchy and they have some great song writing. You can catch them live at the Bamboozle Festival on May 3rd or at the Cake Shop in NYC on May 4th. For now go to their myspace page and take a listen!

+ now, now every children [Myspace]

- Sonic

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