Monday, March 2, 2009

Featured Band: Deerhoof

photo by David Garland

Deerhoof have been around for almost 13 years, but they are one of those bands that are still awesome! The history of the group began as a duo called Deerhoof by Fisk with current member Greg Saunier and former member Rob Fisk. When the two were looking for a singer, they met Satomi Matsuzaki in 1996 who just came to San Francisco from Japan to study film. She reportedly had no musical experience but the duo loved her soft singing and this is where the band began. Matsuzaki eventually learned to play bass in the group as well.

Currently a four piece, Deerhoof combines groove and noise based music with Matsuzaki's Japanese pop-style voice into fun well crafted tunes. As you might expect Matsuzaki sometimes sings in Japanese and the groups does rather well in the land of the Rising Sun. Just take a listen yourself, it's really great... and lucky for us there is a lot of material to listen to.

+ Deerhoof on Myspace

- Sonic

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