Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Featured Artist: Heiko Windisch

SS Platypus by Heiko Windisch

This week's featured artist is German illustrator Heiko Windisch. I really love the simplicity of his colors which are primarily black and white. Instead of utilizing shading and gradeints, he uses lots of detailed dots and lines to create very three dimensional looking pieces. When he does choose to use color it is very minimal and highly effective.

Since Windisch uses solid colors and lines, you can almost visualize the components of his drawings as layers. Sometimes his drawings are transported into a three dimensional world like the SS Platypus (pictured above). Go check out his website for more fun drawings, and make sure you take a look at his animations to see these drawings in motion.

Der Fallout Und Wir 1 by Heiko Windisch

+ Pandas, skeletons and spaceships - Heiko Windisch [Life Lounge]
+ The State of Things [Heiko Windisch Official Website]

- Sonic

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