Thursday, March 19, 2009

Video Pick: Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party Re-Sync

This isn't the resync I'm talking about, but the other one wasn't letting me share. The link for the Fatboy Slim resync is below.

So, I recently saw Coraline. I enjoyed it – nothing earth shattering in the storytelling, but the voice acting (Ian McShane, especially) was spot on, and the 3d animation was insanely cool.

It, of course, made me think back on Nightmare Before Christmas. This, in turn made me think of Danny Elfman, and how he’s the man. Of course, then I had Dead Man’s Party stuck in my head for a few hours, and I had to put the Farewell dvd for his band Oingo Boingo on and rock out a bit.

Know what’s better than a music video for Dead Man’s Party? The same song edited over an old Fatboy Slim video with Christopher Walken dancing. Great. Don’t worry, this song is supposed to stick in your head for days on end – it’s infectious and awesome.

+ Dead Man's Party Resync [You Tube]

- Goodchild

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