Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Featured Director: Laurie Thinot

Autokratz - "Stay The Same" Music Video: directed by Laurie Thinot

Directors obviously have a big role in films and movies but I think short projects like music videos and commercials are really where they get to showcase their talent. Although few minutes of footage often require a serious production, a lot of music videos like the one above is all done by the director, and in this particular case by Laurie Thinot.

I consider Thinot to be more of an artist than a director; for example if you snapshot any frame from the music video, it is great graphic design on its own. Since her art is in motion however, I guess naturally you would call her a director. All directors are artists you say? Well, yeah but what I mean is Martin Scorsese can't make a video like that on his own, while Thinot created the images, animated them, edited the video and directed it all by herself.

Unfortunately there wasn't much I could find out about this French director, but she is signed to Partizan (a record label for directors if you will) so you should be seeing a lot of her work out in the world. For now check out the videos I have posted, they're really damn cool.

+ Laurie Thinot Channel [YouTube]

- Sonic

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