Monday, March 9, 2009

Featured Artist: New Found Glory

New Found Glory

To be honest the pop-punk emo genre (or whatever you want to call it) has been recycling the same songs for over 10 years and it's getting quite ridiculous. Back then it was somewhat of a new concept that punk music although it may be intrinsically wrong, could be great pop music. And hell yes, I loved it, and I spent hours of my teenage days listening to bands like New Found Glory.

In 1999 NFG put out their first record Nothing Gold Can Stay, and on March 10th of this year (which of course is 2009) they will be releasing a brand new album Not Without A Fight. It's a little but crazy to me that this record is coming out on Epitaph, but if I get into that it will probably have to be a whole new post. I can't say that I will be bumping the new record in my car, but I have to pay my respects to these old school pop punkers still doing their thing.

+ New Found Glory "Not Without A Fight" Review [Spin]

- Sonic

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