Monday, March 30, 2009

Tech Check: Clarion MiND

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Navigation systems can be very helpful on the road, and the Clarion MiND does more than show you where to go. For starters the navigation system offers 2D or 3D view, lane guidance, display of speed limits, house number resolution and of course all the usual nav features as well as some new ones which utilize the internet and it's 4inch touchscreen display.

Yes, the internet! It uses wi-fi connections where available or you can use the internet from your phone via bluetooth. It has a FireFox based browser with quick links to MySpace, YouTube and all the good stuff. It had a media player so you can listen to music and store photos within it's expandable 4GB memory.

The downside is that this mini-computer costs about $650 bucks (although it may be cheaper and a lot better than a pre-installed nav option on a car), and if you don't want to rely on conveniently finding a free wi-fi hotspot or your phone's internet connection, you need to subscribe to its 3G service.... but we all know 3G is really not that fast. It is portable though to be used at home or at your office or with your bike and the navigation works anywhere. If you were looking to get a navigation device, you definitely should take a deeper look into the Clarion MiND.

+ Geekologie Review: The Clarion MiND [Geekologie]

- Sonic

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Pooja July 15, 2009 at 3:41 AM  

Thanks for the useful article. I have heard about ClarionMind NR1UB. It is the device made for the ease and betterment especially for the business class The most attractive feature is the front of the portable PC, it’s a 4.8-inch WVGA color touch screen with800X480 pixels. Battery life is just 2 hours if Wi-Fi is not used.For more details refer ClarionMiND