Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Featured Artist: Yosuke Ueno

Forestia by Yosuke Ueno

If you can't tell by now I love the creepy cute style and so Yosuke Ueno's art is right up my alley. Ueno is one of those artists with amazing imagination and he brings his creativity to life with such finesse. The details and color schemes are so great and his paintings are simply beautiful. Like most artists he has his tendencies such as painting people in a fish/alien kind of way (but who knows if they're even people), but he can switch it up quite a bit. In Forestia and Possible, Ueno paints surreal worlds and situations but in pieces like Dimension Diver he focuses on one subject.

Possible by Yosuke Ueno

If you live in the Santa Monica California area, go see Hi Fructose Magazine's group exhibition which features this Japanese artist. The exhibit runs from April 4th to the 25th at the CoproNason Gallery. I wish I lived in Cali just for this!

Dimension Diver by Yosuke Ueno

+ Yosuke Ueno [Space Egg 77]
+ Yosuke Ueno Before and After.. [Sour Harvest]

- Sonic

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