Monday, March 16, 2009

The Spot: Yakitori Taisho

photo by LaTur © 2006

FYI, a majority of all Japanese restaurants (especially sushi restaurants) in the NYC boroughs are not really owned or even run by Japanese people. If you need an easy way to find some authentic Japanese meals, just go to St. Marks place. Yakitori Taisho is one of those spots on St. Marks that serve some awesome real deal Japanese eats. Yakitori means flames/grilled chicken, but it has become the general name for this Japanese style skewer BBQ. You can get all of the traditional skewers like chicken, chicken meatball, beef, pork, chicken gizzard, chicken skin and squid, to some not so traditional like scallop wrapped in bacon or quail eggs.

You can also order other dishes that aren't yakitori, which are all just as good. If Yakitori Taisho is packed, you can try Oh! Taisho few doors down which is an exact duplicate of the eatery. Both spots are usually packed during normal eating hours but it's definitely worth the wait. I can't get enough of this place and everytime I'm in the city I usually end up there. If you are hanging out in the area, definitely stop by.

- Yakitori Taisho and Oh! Taisho are located between 2nd and 3rd avenue on St. Marks place NYC.

+ Yakitori Taisho [Yelp!]
+ Yakitori Taisho [New York Magazine]

- Sonic

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