Monday, March 23, 2009

Tech Check: Music Ownership or Streamership?

photo and copyright: Joe whk

The topic was briefly covered on some panels during last year's CMJ Festival and apparently it came up at Austin's SXSW Festival as well. We are talking about the way we see ownership, particularly in music. A lot of us already don't physically own music; we make playlists and stream it from our favorite service provider whether it be Rhapsody, Imeem, Myspace, PureVolume, Pandora or any of the other ones out there. So, once our internet and gadgets reach the point of becoming super reliable, we may not need to own music even in it's digital form.

Your iPod won't have gigs of songs on it anymore, it will just be an interface for you to call your favorite songs on which will be streamed directly and instantly to your device. You can obviously see where I'm going with this, but if you can stream music anywhere you want anytime you want, it kind of erases the need to own it in any physical form. I know companies like LaLa are already assuming that this will be the case.

This won't happen this year or maybe even next year, I mean 3G is really not that fast and even our internet at home craps out often enough..... but it seems that it will be sooner rather than later. Anyway it's definitely something to think about, hit me up with your thougts.

+ How Will The Cloud Change The Way We Think About Music Ownership [Crunch Gear]

- Sonic

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