Thursday, March 12, 2009

Video Pick: The Bronx: They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy)

How to spend Hitler's birthday in the New York City area:

So, Adolf Hitler was an asshole. He died at the end of World War II, and once the conflict in the Pacific was settled in such an e-fission-t manner (get it? Fission?! Like, nuclear fission? Don’t worry, it wasn’t funny) freedom ran throughout all of the formerly besieged allied nations.

So, what better way to spend Hitler’s birthday – April 20th – than to go to a kick ass rock n’ roll show, and remember what our boys were fighting for in the first place?

If you live anywhere near New York City, get your ass to the Bowery Ballroom on 4:20 to see one of the hardest working and flat out rocking-est bands today – The Bronx.

Just about everything they do is great. After their very first gig, they had a real manager. At their second show, major labels were there scoping them out. They put out their first album (self titled, as all their albums are) on their own label (White Drugs), with distribution through others (Ferret Records, for one – how I found out about them). Gilby Clarke, former Guns N’ Roses guitarist, produced that first full length. They didn’t get more than 3 takes of the songs, so as to not over polish their raw sound. That album is incredible.

So, they have 3 full length albums out now, all called The Bronx, and a fourth on the way soon this year – which is not a straight rock album, but a mariachi album. I shit you not. This threat is real.

If you know them, you’ll be there. If you don’t, you got a bit of time to check them out, and you will blown away by their energy at the live show. Look for me, I’ll be the guy at the bar downstairs before they come on, drinking and saying “This one’s for the guy that made the bullet that went through that fuck Hitler’s head”.

+ The Bronx [Myspace]

- Goodchild

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