Friday, February 13, 2009

Langerado Festival Canceled

What a way to kick off the festival season.... the 7th annual Langerado Music Festival scheduled for early March this year at Miami's Bicentennial Park has been canceled due to poor ticket sales. So what exactley happened here? For one Langerado's line-up although excellent didn't have any big headliners (last year they had REM, Beastie Boys and Ben Folds). Meanwhile other big festivals like Bonnaroo will feature Bruce Springsteen, Phish, NIN, MGMT, TV on the Radio and the Beastie Boys this summer. You can't forget about Coachella either who will have Amy Winehouse, Morrissey, Paul McCartney, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, The Cure and recent buzz bands like No Age, Lykke Li and Fleet Foxes. The festival market has become saturated as it is but the competition which also happens to be more established are bringing a lot of big acts.

The main reason I feel though maybe in their decision making. Previous Langerado Festivals were held in the Everglades where fans could camp out throughout the event and overnight. This year they decided to move the festival to the more urban Miami where camping is not permitted. As far as big festivals go camping is not only part of the attraction but a necessity. Who wants to spend the money or time in a hotel for 3 days when they're used to sleeping in tents and being a part of the "Festival." I have a feeling that the overhead for the event in Miami was a lot higher as well.

A lot of people are simply giving our dismal economy the blame, although that may be a factor I don't think it can stop music lovers and festival goers from having a great time. At least I hope so, but we will see as summer rolls around if other festivals may face the same fate as Langerado.

+ Statement from Langerado Co-Promoter Ethan Schwartz and ticket refund information:
“Langerado has always put the fan experience first. Unfortunately, during these difficult economic times, and facing a first year in a new venue, it’s become apparent that we cannot execute a production that lives up to the high standards of our past events. Putting Langerado on hold was the toughest decision we have ever had to make. We are very grateful for the support of the greater-Miami community and the music community during this difficult time.”

All tickets purchased will be refunded. Please look for ticket refunds to be processed in the next 5-7 business days. Each order will be refunded to the credit card in full, minus the included order processing fees. Shipping fees will also be credited for those orders that did not select the free shipping promotion. Visit for more information.

Langerado Music Festival 09 [Highlark Emissary]
Langerado Music Festival canceled due to poor ticket sales [Miami Herald]

- Sonic

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