Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Boo 2009

My Blueberry Nights Trailer


Last year was pretty cool, because last year there was a new Wong Kar Wai movie for me to go see. 2009? Not so much. With The Lady From Shanghai in pre-production and on schedule for a 2010 release, I’ll have to content myself with watching Norah Jones’ filmic debut in My Blueberry Nights.

In truth, I’ve only seen it the one time I went to see it in the theater – though I recently got my hands on a copy of the movie so I plan on watching it a few more times.

If you’ve seen Sonic and my recent video posts, you might like to know that my “unprepared-ness” was something of an homage to Jones’ performance in the movie. After seeing it I found her acting to be very odd, and so I went home to research it a bit. Turns out, Wong Kar Wai asked her to be in the movie, and when she offered to take acting lessons (having never acted), he told her not to – he wanted a non-actor who could just react. To further this notion, scripts were given to the real actors (Jude Law, Natalie Portman, etc) but not to Jones. WKW simply gave her a base synopsis for what he wanted for each scene and filmed her reacting to what was going on.

While a decidedly offbeat performance, it is, under these circumstances, very true to life – while she is an actor in a film, she truly comes across as a real person stuck in real situations.

And, she’s beautiful. Anyone out there know her? I’d like to meet her, and if she’s single, probably marry her.


My Blueberry Nights [imdb]

- Goodchild

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