Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Featured Photographer: Kathryn Cook

photo and copyright Kathryn Cook

There is something about black and white photos that is very intriguing, and Kathryn Cook's photos do exactly that. Her use of the style is not only a preference, but a means to better communicate a message. I love the way she utilizes light to create depth and capture all the subtle shades and gradients.

No doubt she is a talented photographer, but what I find most inspiring about this American photographer is the fact that she follows and pursues her passion. Two years after she graduated college she began working for the Associated Press Agency, but left for Latin America few years later to document the campaign trail of Bolivia's first indigenous president. She now lives in Turkey and Italy, but has traveled all over the world to document stories that intrigue her.

Make sure you check out the links below, she takes some amazing photos.

photo and copyright Kathryn Cook

Kathryn Cook [Official Wesbite]
Kathryn Cook [Agence VU]

+ A Better Time [Look Underfoot]

- Sonic

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