Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Artist Feature: Mark Ryden

The Butcher Bunny by Mark Ryden

I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with Mark Ryden's work but if not that is what The Highlark Emissary is for. Besides the obvious mastery in his technique as a painter, his unique style is what makes him one of the better known and popular artist in recent years. His paintings take a lot of familiar culture references and places them in surreal, sometimes unsettling settings.

The world Ryden creates, as odd as it maybe has a quality of innocence to it as if a child had envisioned it. When I was a kid I use to imagine the weirdest things in my mind, and Ryden's art inspires to not only embrace the oddities we all have but to let it fly free. Our imagination afterall is the essence of creativity and what keeps us sane..... at least that is the case for me.

Anyway, make sure you check out Mark Ryden's website for more of his work, especially if you are discovering his art for the first time. It will definitely be worth your while.

The Birth by Mark Ryden

[Official Website]

- Sonic

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