Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blomkamp (Part II)

(continued from Part I)

So, fans everywhere thought this proof positive that a HALO movie was in the works. And, of course, deals were being made … eventually, a writer was hired to pen the script, and the Jackson producing / Blomkamp directing / WETA engineering team was signed on. But no one could agree on anything, funding fell through, and the project remains in limbo.

So, what have this team been up to since they aren’t working on this? We’re all about to find out. Blomkamp’s feature length debut, District 9, is on track to release later this year (scheduled for August 14th, 2009). A viral marketing campaign by Sony, who is putting the film out, has already begun – check out Remember, if you’re a human, only click where you’re supposed to!

Now, I’m very interested in this project. The HALO shorts were cool enough that I’d be willing to plunk my money down to see Blomkamp’s film. And with the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Dead Alive, and Heavenly Creatures under his belt, I’ll trust Peter Jackson enough that if he says “Blomkamp’s my man for this”, well then how can it go wrong?

Thing is, people are already saying that this film is merely a means of getting a big budget sci-fi movie under Blomkamp’s belt so that studios won’t be so nervous about giving him the money he needs to do HALO. And, if this is simply a “Look, I can do it!” type deal, will it truly live up to the hype, or be a rush job?

(to be continued)

Peter Jackson to Produce District 9 []

- Goodchild

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