Friday, February 20, 2009

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend

Want to go to Fashion Week but can’t afford it? You can in Williamsburg, tickets are $8. They have live bands playing and DJs for the after party. Doors open at 8. Four designers Friday, four on Saturday. I’ll be there, too!

I met one of their 8 featured designers Tuesday night at the Digital Moda event, Kaytee Papusza of Papusza Couture. Here's one of her couture pieces below. It's like a butterfly catcher made love to a fairy and this is the aftermath- I think it's really playful and clever.

Kaytee's dresses are created from another world, one in which I'd like to be. Each tells a story, as if they jumped off the page from a quirky fairytale book. They are dreamy pieces; sexy, yet fantastical. These two are my favorites from her website. Makes me wish it was summer already.

Get yourself to Williamsburg this weekend to see PapuszaCouture’s latest line, as well as the other 7 designers!

+ Williamsburg Fashion Weekend: February 20 &21 @ Glassland Gallery

+ Williamsburg Fashion Weekend [Official Website]
+ Papusza Couture [Official Website]
+ The Clothes Coach [Official Website]

- Kristin Ezell aka The Clothes Coach

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