Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Website Feature: Rotten Tomatoes

photo by ScottWJ on Flickr

Rotten Tomatoes is a site dedicated to movie reviews and information. It has a lot of features on the site which is not easy to navigate through sometimes, but it's a pretty cool site otherwise. The main feature of the site is their tomato meter which compiles reviews on a particular movie from amateurs to pros all over the net and calculates and tabulates it into a percentage value. That percentage value is what I have been using recently to decide what to rent or go see. I can't say that the values they come up with are always right or to my liking, but it's surprisingly on point.

For example, a great lesser known Mike Judge comedy like Idiocracy which didn't get much attention or good reviews when it came out has a 72% on the tomato meter. Not all but a bunch of the movies have a general consensus part which in a few sentences sums up what people are saying about the movie. Once again, there's some science to it I guess and it ends up being rather accurate.

So if you're not sure what movie to check out or if people are telling you different things about a film, visit this site and it might help you make a good decision.


- Sonic

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