Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lengthy Litigation: Fan Boys, Shut Up (Part I)

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(If you haven’t read Watchmen, this might have a spoiler or two – plus, you’re a dumb-dumb. Get your ass to a book store and buy it already.)

After some absolutely ridiculous legal battles, two things are certain now for the upcoming Watchmen movie. It will, thankfully, be released on time (March 6th of this year), and when the movie starts, just about every studio logo will grace the screen before the Comedian gets knocked out his window.

Now that seemingly everyone in Hollywood is going to get paid from the profits the film will surely make, we can focus on the film itself. Yes, Warner Brothers made the film, but hey, why shouldn’t 20th Century Fox get paid, too? They heard about it before it was made, doesn’t that entitle them to money? But seriously, on with the show, all. There are some crazy fans that have been waiting for this to happen since the mid eighties.

So, with over two decades of anticipation, you’d think the fan boys were simply waiting with baited breath … but instead their breath is being exhausted as they rant their opinions that the film will be horrible (no one has seen it yet, remember) because there are changes from the book.

Fan boys. Shut up.

Watchmen Poster Comparisons by Plasmic Studio

Of course there are changes from the book. The “book” is actually a graphic novel combining 12 books. Do you realize how long the movie would be if you left every little detail in there? Probably 12 hours. And, no, don’t say you’d go sit there for 12 hours in a theater and watch the whole thing. You wouldn’t. No one would. Zack Snyder wouldn’t and he’s making the movie. Dr. Manhattan himself wouldn’t have the patience to do that. So, of course there must be edits made.

The biggest controversy I’ve heard about is the removal of the pirate comic that runs parallel to the story throughout the entire book, and culminates with the giant squid/alien attack on New York City. Well, how are they going to make the whole artist collective-making-the-squid-monster make sense without the pirate comic to introduce us to the characters? They don’t have to. Apparently the squid attack on New York has also been cut from the story.

And so, the fans are up in arms over this. “It’s going to suck because it’s not the same thing”. Know what though? That doesn’t make any sense. Of course it can still be good. It can still be excellent. For starters, there is so much source material to work with, that even after some edits, there is a great story there that can be told much more succinctly.

(to be continued)

+ Watchmen Settlement Update [IGN]

- Goodchild

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