Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Spot: Tea & Sympathy

The Food at Tea & Sympathy

When a friend of mine told me about Tea & Sympathy, I was instantly excited to try it out. I mean, it has the word "tea" in the name, and I of course love tea! It was small but somehow cozy inside and although I was there for the tea, I was ready to eat! I had shepard’s pie which was the best I’ve had, and apple crumble for desert. It was ummm…. banging!? I was slightly worried it would be too sweet but it actually wasn’t at all. Trust me on this, go here and try it!

When you order tea, they bring you a personal pot of loose tea which gives you about 3~4 cups. The prices are a little high but it’s a cool little spot to get some good eats or have a pot of tea and chat with some friends. They also have a shop next door that sells loose teas, British candy, tea pots and what not. It's great, just freakin' go!

+ Tea & Sympathy is located on Greenwich ave. between 12st and 13th st in NYC

[Official Website]

- Sonic

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