Friday, February 20, 2009

Lengthy Litigation: Fan Boys, Shut Up (Part III)

(continued from Part II)

Watchmen is a very special story, a truly amazing book. It’s a great psychological study, and an archetype for character development in storytelling. Will the shorter story as presented in the film be as good? We can’t know that yet. But I’m open to the fact that it might just be super freaking cool. Snyder, as director, has a pretty good track record for the big spectacle flick based on graphic novels (300), and with making a kick ass action movie with something to say (his remake of Dawn of the Dead).

From the clips that are in the various trailers and TV spots, the film seems to have the look and feel of the book down pat. It’s got a decent enough cast with Billy Crudup and Carla Gugino playing two of the main characters. And finally, a chance for all of us fans to see Rorschach in action. Everyone needs to just step back, open their minds, and be ready – because this one looks like it might just be great.

Have you read the book and / or are you looking forward to the movie? Light up the comment section …

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- Goodchild

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