Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Game of the Week: NBA Live 09

I've been slacking on the game of the week posts lately mainly because I was heavily addicted to Valkyria Chronicles, but in light of the NBA Playoffs going on I bring this series back with NBA Live 09. I've played 2K9 which seems to be the more popular choice but I think Live is a much better game.

The Dynamic DNA feature updates real life stats to game play everyday. It's not just rosters, but in its simplest form if a player is hot in real life, he is hot in the game. It's not just hot or cold either, it is also applies to areas on the court and play selection. You can even replay a real life game that happened last night with the stats from that game. I know the regular season is over, but it's pretty crazy what games can do these days. Basically the game is very realistic which also makes the game very hard. I couldn't win a game even on Starter Mode for a bit but you can really get into it whether it's doing pick-and-rolls, calling plays or actually playing defense!

Check out the link below for a more detailed review and features.

+ NBA Live 09 Review [IGN]

- Sonic

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