Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sam Raimi: A Return To Form

Sometimes, when the little guys stop being little guys in Hollywood and get a bit too big for their britches, they tend to forget where they came from. This, luckily, is not always true.
Sam Raimi, you beautiful bastard, you’re up to your old tricks again!

Many know Raimi’s name from some of the more recent Hollywood blockbusters he’s directed – movies like Spiderman, Spiderman 2, and Spiderman 3. Some more know him from smaller Hollywood films, like The Gift, For the Love of the Game, or A Simple Plan. But, for some of us, Raimi is, and will always be, the incredibly cool horror director that gave us the Evil Dead trilogy (and who introduced us to Bruce Campbell).

The Evil Dead movies might have been low budget and campy, but they had scares, laughs, zombies, demons and – in the case of Army of Darkness – some of the worst best one-liners in cinema history. Plus, they had an overflowing wealth of imagination, humor and wonder that even made a scene where a girl gets raped by trees possible, acceptable and if nothing else, just a little awesome.

The thing is it seemed to us horror fans that Raimi had given all that up. Hollywood had called, he’d answered the phone, and Campbell was given bit roles in all the big films as they moved further and further from what had gained them notoriety in the first place. But that all ends this May 29th!

That’s right – in less than 3 weeks, Drag Me to Hell releases into theaters! To be honest, I don’t know if I could be more psyched. Midnight show, opening night … anyone else down?

- Goodchild

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