Friday, May 15, 2009

Movie Releases: May 15th


In 2005, a movie came out called BRICK that I’d never heard of. It was not until one lazy afternoon in 2007 that I happened to see the movie listed on HBO OnDemand. Not knowing what it was, I put it on – and a few hours later when it was over, I could not believe how unbelievably coooooooooooooool the film had been. To those who don’t know it, it is essentially a old school noir detective story, complete with the 40’s-ish dialogue you’d expect in a film like that – but it takes place in a modern day high school.

Now, it might sound a bit gimmicky, but I assure you it worked with aplomb. The writing on the film was superb – an obvious labor of love for the writer. And the acting was absolutely spot on – the director, whoever it was, had gotten excellent performances out of his players. The cinematography was great, the soundtrack was perfect – I couldn’t believe I’d never heard of it.

So, I looked into it, and turns out the film was written and directed by a newcomer to the scene named Rian Johnson – his writing and directing filmography for before BRICK consists of a short, and that was it (though he apparently edited the quirkily cool flick MAY back in 2002). His freshmen effort paid off in spades, it seemed – the film won many nominations and awards at film festivals the world over.

Well, Johnson has been on my radar since then (boy, that just doesn’t look right after typing it …), and I am ridiculously excited for two things:

1. I have off from work on 05.15.2009

2. I live in New York City.

Rian Johnson’s new film, THE BROTHERS BLOOM, comes out today in a limited release in New York and Los Angeles. The next week, it will see a widespread release around the country and in Toronto. I plan on seeing it as early as I can, so check back here for my thoughts on Johnson’s sophomore endeavor.

- Goodchild



This movie is probably going to be terrible or AWESOME, but the trailer is just hilarious. I know, I know, Japanese people are crazy.



High Hopes For:
- 99
- Summer Hours

Not So Much:
- Management
- Angels & Demons

- Sonic

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