Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Featured Artist: Natalia Fabia

Glamour Pot © Natalia Fabia

Natalia Fabia's bio says it all "Inspired by light, color, punk rock music, hot chicks and sparkles, Fabia is fascinated with 'hookers', which fuels her paintings of sultry women." Aside from the subjects she paints which are fascinating enough, the detail and realism in her paintings are astounding. When I was browsing her work, I encountered few paintings which I could have sworn were photos.

Peacock Dancer © Natalia Fabia

She is definitely a talented and highly skilled artist but she also extends her interest in "hookers" with her jewelry/clothing line HookerFeathers. It features necklaces, bracelets, sexy tops and skirts all inspired from hot punk rock chicks and their life style. So follow the links and take a look at more of her work, especially the interview she did with Hi-Fructose Magazine (linked below).

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