Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Featured Artist: Brandi Milne

Sugar Head In The Sky © Brandi Milne

Brandi Milne is another artist influenced by Japanese culture and products, but her 1970s upbringing may possibly be the main inspiration. Whether it's the cartoons she watched or the warmth of her mother giving her cupcakes and treats, it comes through beautifully with her art nouveau-ish style. Her paintings are obviously pretty to look at but they also stir up a sense of nostalgia.

Let's Eat Cake © Brandi Milne

Being a self-taught artist, this California native is able to paint freely without convention and express herself in her own unique style. Make sure you visit her site for more great paintings it will definitely be worth your while. www.brandimilne.com

Tea Party © Brandi Milne

+ Brandi Milne Interview [Format]

- Sonic

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