Friday, April 3, 2009

Game of the Week: Valkyria Chronicles

I am playing this game now so why not it be the game of the week? I am a fan of strategy games and once I played the demo I was definitely sold. Valkyria Chronicles uses the Canvas graphics engine which makes it look like you are watching or reading a graphic novel done in water color. This style is definitely unique and it brings a whole different visual gaming experience.

It has that anime/manga feel which at first made me think this will be unchallenging, but the missions are a little tricky even from the start. It took me a few missions to get a hang of the different characteristics of different troops and all the extra options the game gives you.

Check out the trailer and the link below for more details. Valkyria Chronicles is available for the Playstation 3.

+ Valkyria Chronicles Review [IGN]

- Sonic

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