Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Featured Artist: Damon Soule

© Damon Soule

Awesome. That is what comes to mind when I look at Damon Soule's artwork. The creativity, the colors, everything is really cool to look at. He is a versatile artist that can do amazing things with pretty much any medium and style. The three pics I have here are only a very small portion of what Soule is capable of.

© Damon Soule

Soule is an artist from San Francisco, and one of the reasons I need to get out to Cali. There is such a great art scene throughout that state and all the cool galleries and showcases are happening out there. Check out his website to see more of Soule's work and don't forget to follow the link below and read his interview!

© Damon Soule

+ Damon Soule Interview [Fecal Face]

- Sonic

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