Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tech Check: Phillips Cinema 21:9

photo from Technabob

Not another LCD HDTV!! Well it is, but this one is not your average TV. This is the Phillips Full HD 52" Cinema 21:9 LCD TV. Ok, so what does 21:9 mean? It's the aspect ratio which for most HD TVs out there is 16:9. When you are watching movies with your standard HDTV you see a lot of black bars or you are stretching the image out. The 21:9 however is a very close ratio as the cameras/films used in shooting most hollywood films so there are virtually no black strips for the first true cinematic experience right at home. On the negative however, when you are watching standard 4:3 HD content on this beast there will be some serious black bar-age going on. It could just be a matter of preference but this one maybe more in lines of whats to come. Take a look at the link below for more specs and details!

+ Phillips 52" Cinema 21:9 LCD TV [TFTS]

- Sonic

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