Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Piracy: X-Men Origins - Wolverine

Months before X-Men Origins: Wolverine's actual release date – this Friday, May 1st - an actual mastered copy leaked onto the internet. Fox was quick to release a statement saying that it was only a workprint, and wasn’t finished – in fact there were entire scenes missing, and/or with unfinished visual and audio effects. As the film’s release nears, reviewers have seen the “finished” copy and have noted that the leaked workprint wasn’t far off the mark – in fact, with the exception of the scenes with unrendered effects, it is the same film. So, this becomes an important moment in the industry’s case against piracy – will the leaked copy hurt ticket sales opening day?

Personally, I would never watch the leaked copy if it wasn’t 100% done. I’m excited for this flick, and I want to see the finished product. Even if it’s only a few seconds of missing material, that will throw off my whole experience of the film – maybe I’m a bit snobbish about this, but I couldn’t deal with that. I’ll be seeing the film this weekend – will you?

+ Wolverine Origins Review [Comic Book Movie]

- Goodchild

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