Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Featured Artist: Doug Boehm

Hopefully some of you got to catch a little show of our featured artist Doug Boehm at Charmingwall in NYC few weeks ago. I did and I was really wishing I had a thousand bucks lying around to pick up some of his work. I really love his style and that touch of creepy always works for me. He uses simple shapes and lines but creates highly imaginative pieces that are truly one of a kind and are unique to his style.

The Pennsylvania native uses wood as his canvas and it definitely adds a nice texture to the paintings. The piece above was done for UK band Munroe Effect's album, and they made an awesome choice in the artist I would have to say. Check out the links below for more Boehm, enjoy!

Death of Nerve by Doug Boehm

+ Doug Boehm's Official Website
+ Doug Boehm's Blog
+ Doug Boehm Interview [Charming Blog]

- Sonic

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