Friday, April 10, 2009

Movie Releases: April 10th

Ok everyone, it's about that time to go over the films being released this week. BUT.... it's not looking too promising this weekend so I am going to do a quickie.

The trailer posted above is for the film Lymelife, which is about an awkward family whose lives get turned upside down due to a Lyme disease outbreak in the community. It stars 2 Culkin brothers, Emma Roberts, Alec Baldwin, Jill Hennessy, Timothy Hutton and Cynthia Nixon. Looks like the performances are pretty good, kind of an interesting plot, but just not one I would jump on.

Other movies being released today:

Dragonball: Evolution - I mean I loved the manga/anime when I was younger but a live action movie? I'll give them credit for doing Dragonball rather than Dragonball Z (where Goku turns into the Super Saiyan with over the top spikey blonde hair), but I'm gonna have to pass.

Hannah Montana: The Movie
- You know it was coming.

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh - At first glance this looked kind of interseting.... College graduate with mobster dad's coming of age story as he meets a hot chick and her thug boyfriend. Graduate lusts for the girl, but befriends her boyfriend who lusts for the him? Huh? Sienna Miller looks super hot in this but I don't think that can save this one.

Observe and Report - Mall cop comedy with Seth Rogen and Anna Faris. I'm sure it's going to be decently funny but it seems like they are just counting on Seth Rogen's charm. I'll Netflix it.

- Sonic

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