Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Browse Worthy: Gelaskins

Customization is always a popular thing, especially with all the gadgets out right now. People always want cool graphics on their phones, iPods, laptops, and whatever device they might have. What better way to protect your device from some everyday wear and tear than to do it in style? That's what the folks at had in mind. Gelaskins provide skins for everything from your iPhones, Blackberries, Mac laptops, PC laptops, PSPs and iPods with artwork from great artists old and new from across the world.

Sure skins are cool, but what I go to this site for are the prints. As you may have read I started my little art collection, and this is another site I spend hours at picking out my next art print purchase. It's no secret I pull many of the featured artists at Highlark from this site, but this is an exciting site for me where I can discover some great artists. So browse away and pick up a skin, or just take a look at the all the awesome artwork!

- Sonic

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