Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On your next bar visit

Vodka and tequila are at the base of the most popular drinks in the bar scene. In your teen days you got wasted on whatever you can get your hands on; the 10 dollar bottle of Georgi or something decent from your parent's liquor cabinet but honestly what's the difference anyway? In college you learned the hard way that there is a difference, but you'd much rather save that extra cash for your next keg party. Now you are a learned drinking professional; whether you still party hard or you relax after a long day at work, you want the good stuff. And rap songs and the mass media has told us that Grey Goose and Patron ARE the good stuff. Being a bartender myself I know this to be true, and I know how convinced everyone is that there is nothing else worth drinking. Don't get me wrong, Grey Goose and Patron are both great, but if you dare to step away from the mainstream and be the cool guy/gal at the bar there are some great, even better options.

photo by rickyster91 on Flickr

If you think Patron Silver is smooth, Don Julio Blanco is even smoother. What you may not know is that a bottle of DJ in the store often costs a little more than Patron, but they are usually the same price at the bar. And expensive means better.. right? I've turned many people on to it at the bar but make sure you get Don Julio on your next round of tequila shots.

photo by gun show on Flickr

It's smooth, so smooth! That's what it's all about. Just a classy smooth vodka that you can sip on straight or on the rocks.

- Sonic

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