Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lord Of The Rings: Conquest

2009 is here and it's going to be a great year for entertainment. And that, I implore upon you, is a fact. How can I possibly know this as fact? Just look at the last few years - they've all been pretty great for entertainment. And all one has to do is just look at some lists of what is to be released this year to know we're in for a good time. Are you a gamer? I know I am. A quick look at what is coming out this year makes my face get happy and my bank account get sad. Where to even begin?

photo by IGN

Let's start in January. Tomorrow, EA publishes the new Pandemic game - Lord Of The Rings: Conquest. Now, I know, great, great, another LOTR game. But hold on a second there: Doesn't the name Pandemic sound familiar to you? If you're a gamer, I'm willing to bet you lost countless hours on two of their earlier games - Star Wars: Battlefront 1 & 2. Now take that incredible fun and addictive formula and gameplay, switch it from the stars and root it in middle earth - enormous battles, Tree Ents fighting Balrogs, Orc archers sniping Hobbits, deadly explosive combos and 16 player online matches. Not 100% sold yet? The demo is free on XBOX Live and Playstation Network now.

[game trailer]

[official website]

- Goodchild

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