Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Artist Feature: Spinnerette

Brody Dalle of Spinnerette - photo by Matthew Field on Flickr © 2008

There are three reasons why you may want to know about Spinnerette. First and most importantly, Spinnerette is the new project of ex-Distillers Brody Dalle and Tony Bevilacqua. Second, Brody Dalle is Tim Armstrong (of Rancid)'s ex, and current wife of Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme. Ok, that second part shouldn't matter and I feel like a cheesy tabloid even mentioning it, but you have to admit that does spark your interest in Brody Dalle and any musical endeavor she's involved in...... and even if you haven't heard of The Distillers, you've probably heard of Queens of the Stone Age. Third, the rest of the band is comprised of Jack Irons (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eleven) and Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Eleven). Interestingly though, aside from Dalle and Bevilacqua, the band has a different line up for shows which to me is weird, but considering all the projects Irons and Johannes works on I guess it makes sense.

Formed in 2007, the band played some "practice" gigs locally in LA before releasing their EP Ghetto Love through their website in December of 2008. They are rumored to release a full length next month in February, but no official dates have been released yet.

Spinnerette's sound has that raw punk rock grit you love from The Distillers plus a new wave-ish groove thing going on, and Dalle's voice is definitely more soulful than what you may expect. Go and check them out, you can listen to their EP on their myspace page.

Tony Bevilacqua of Spinnerette - photo by Matthew Field on Flickr © 2008

- Sonic

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