Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Consumer Monument: Mitsuwa Marketplace

Shopping Isle - photo by Ishkibibble Fish on Flickr

Mitsuwa Marketplace is a real taste of Japan right outside the Lincoln Tunnel in Edgewater New Jersey and it definitely puts the super back in supermarket (yeah, I said it). It has everything you will find in a regular grocery store plus a whole lot of Japanese stuff you won't find anywhere else. From Kobe beef to beer and sake, this place has it all.

Food Court - photo by roboppy on Flickr

My favorite part of Mitsuwa is the food court. It has a wide selection of authentic Japanese eats and each dish is beautifully displayed so you won't have to ask what it is. Food display is an art form in Japan and it's pretty amazing how real they make everything look.

The Food Display - photo by wmliu on Flickr

Outside of the supermarket you will also find a bookstore, toystore and a pottery store where you can buy tea pots, plates and other items. Honestly there are so many things here to see and buy and say "what the fuck is that?" to, my crappy writing won't be able to describe all of it coherently. Just trust me if you like or have any interest in Japanese culture, go here and explore.

+ Mitsuwa Marketplace is located at 595 River Rd. in Edgewater, New Jersey

[official website]
Mitsuwa Marketplace [Yelp Reviews]

- Sonic

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