Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thoughts on E3 (Part II)

Sticking with the Microsoft announcements, how about we take a few moments to discuss some other big guns they showed at their E3 conference?

First, ALAN WAKE. I’ve been hearing about this game for quite some time, but all I really knew was that it was a huge budgeted title falling somewhere in the survival/horror genre. Now that the trailers are out, I’m stoked. It looks like someone was playing the Silent Hill games and said: “Hey, this game is atmospheric and creepy as hell. You know what movie was like that? In The Mouth of Madness. Maybe we should make a game that is like a cross between the two.” You play as Alan (a writer) himself, and you and your special gal take a trip to a sleepy town … when suddenly she disappears, and a terrifying “darkness” envelopes everyone and everything in the town. Weird, though – it’s straight out of your next novel. To find your love, you have to drive the darkness out of the town, and find the pieces of your manuscript to catch up with the forces at play. Or, are there forces at play? The whole thing could be Alan going insane – these fears will play into the game.

Great graphics, interesting gameplay, and an odd (but intriguing) story to boot – sign me up.

- Goodchild

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